Advertising School NYC

SVA is a premiere advertising college in New York City, the art and advertising capital of the world. Students in the undergraduate advertising degree program work with industry leaders to learn effective concept execution through typographic expertise, digital production skill and a mastery of color, line, scale and layout. Advertising is creative problem solving. For an ad to succeed, you have to do the strategic “math” first, to understand the marketing challenges the product faces. You have to know the product cold, and the mentality of the client.
You will study the work of the greats in the business, some of whom are teaching you (our faculty includes Jack Mariucci, who created the New York State Lotto “Hey, you never know” campaign, and Mike Campbell, who was responsible for the “Loudest taste on earth” campaign for Doritos), to see that memorable advertising satisfies both the client’s agenda and the needs of the creator.

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