Art history minor umich

Art History Minor UMICH

Needs for Art History Minor UMICH (University of Michigan): Minimum 15 credits (and 5 programs), to be selected according to the following:

Required Survey Course: 1 introductory program chose from the 100 stage general sequence of departmental introductory survey programs-History of Art 100′ 101′ 102′ 103′ 112′.

Electives: Minimum 12 credits of History of Art programs must be got at the 200-stage or above, with
Minimum 2 courses elected at the 300-level or above
And Minimum 1 seminar course (3 credits)

Course Offered
The University of Michigan
The Department of the History of Art
110 Tappan Hall
855 South University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1357
Phone: 734.764.5400
Fax: 734.647.4121

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