What to do with chemistry major

What To Do With Chemistry Major

Job Titles For Chemistry Major:
Analytical Chemist
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
FDA Inspector
Water Purification Chemist
Energy Conservation Technician
Laboratory Research Assistant
Forensic Chemist
Food Scientist/Technologist
EPA Inspector
Associate Chemist
Polymer Chemist
Pharmacy Technician
Product Chemist, Junior
Molecular Biologist
Laboratory Technician
Quality Control Technician
Laboratory Equipment Salesperson
Natural Resource Manager
Environmental Inspector
Water/Waste Plant Technician
Teacher, Science
Pollution Control Technician
Fiber Technologist
Medical Technologist
Genetic Engineer
Fire Protection Engineer
Forensic Scientist (Crime Lab Assistant)
Conservation Officer
Color Development Chemist
Environmental Technician
Metallurgical Engineer
Patent Engineer/Agent
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Science Writer
Bench Chemist
Chemical Engineer
Clinical Technician/Specialist
Patent Examiner
Drug Application Reviewer
Petroleum Research Assistant
Product Development Manager

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