What to do with chemistry degree

What To Do With Chemistry Degree

A chemistry degree offers a good background for careers that can develop and modify as the individual changes or as the marketplace changes. It is a superior degree for opening up chances in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, environment, food and drink enterprises functioning as forensics, biochemists and toxicologists.

Areas of Employment with Chemistry Degree:
Quality control laboratories
Pharmaceutical / biotechnology industries
Mineral and metal industries
Hospital research laboratories
Industrial laboratories
Food and beverage companies
Health protection branches
Waterworks departments
Hazardous waste management corporations
Chemical testing / analysis companies
Research centres / institutes
Environmental consulting firms
Pulp and paper industries
Cosmetic companies
Utility companies
Chemical distributors
Agricultural companies
Professional chemical societies
Textile manufacturers
Police laboratories
Chemical manufacturing plants
Petroleum refineries
Newspapers / magazines
Oil companies chemistry consulting firms
Chemical laboratories
Aerospace companies
Technical libraries
Science museums
Distilleries and breweries

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