AICEE stands for American International Cultural & Educational Exchange. AICEE [American International Cultural & Educational Exchange Inc.] is a hotel management, training & cultural exchange organization. American International Cultural & Educational Exchange Inc.does this through practicing the best hospitality expertise, techniques and methodologies of hotel management, as they have developed in United States and across the world-wide, above the years. Both American International Cultural & Educational Exchange Inc. US & international workers get the best AICEE of each other and learn from each others way of working. AICEE welcome employees/trainees from across the world and AICEE as well assist in visa processing.

AICEE are devoted towards encouraging hospitality standards while bringing the world together. AICEE realize that hospitality, tourism and international cultures are all intricately linked and AICEE make an American Conglomerate of Owners and Operators working towards encouraging these World Cultures in US and at the same time aiming at furnishing the best standards of hospitality & hotel management to its hotel guests.

American International Cultural & Educational Exchange
950 Herrington Rd #C88
Lawrenceville, GA USA – 30044

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