AIIMS Nov Questions

AIIMS Nov 2010 Questions
MDS entrance exam directed on 14th november,2010 through AIIMS,New Delhi.

Subject Wise Questions of AIIMS NOVEMBER 2010
1. A person is able to abdust his arm, internally rotate it, place the back of hand on the lumbosacral joint. but is not able to lift off from back. Etiology?
a) subscapularis tear b) teres major tear c) long head of biceps d)acromioclavicular jt. dislocation
2. Tensor tympani nerve supply
a) trigeminal n b) facial n c) glassopharyngeal n d) vagus
3. Not a part of female lower genitourinary tract a) pubovaginalis b) bulbospongiosus c) internal urethral sphincter d) external urethral sphincter
4. True about the scalenus anterior
a) pierced by the phrenic nerve b) attached to 2nd rib scalene tubercle c) separates the subclavian artery and vein d) is anterior to transverse cervical artery
5. Loss of lacrimation is due to damage to
a) Greater petrosal nerve b) nasociliary nerve c)?? d)??

6. Septum transversum gives rise to all except a) ligamentum teres hepatis b) falciform ligament c) Coronary ligament
d) mesentery/ligament of lesser sac
7. Which of the following is not developed from the mesentry of the stomach?
a) spleen b) liver c) pancreas d) kidneys
8. superior gluteal nerve supplies all except..(repeat qstn)

9. Which gas is used to measure diffusion capacity (????)
a) CO b) Nitrogen c) CO2 d) helium
10. Substance not crossing BBB
a) CO2 b) lipophilic substances c) protein d) H+
11. Increased testosterone in a man causes
a) azoozpermia b) spermatogenesis c) d)
12. The amount of K+ in one bottle RL
a) 1 b) 2 c) 4 d) 6meq/L
13. Pacemaker of the respiratory centre
a) apneustic centre b) pre botzinger complex c)? d)?

14. Not a stimulus for normal respiration? a) stretch receptor b) j receptor c) pO2 d) pCO2

15. Hypoxia independent of
a) FiO2 b) altitude c) Hb d) pCO2

16. What produced by the stomach has a role in control of food intake?
a) gherlin b) IGF-1 c) orexin d) CCK
17. Neuropeptide y,false is
a) a polypeptide b) decreases thermogenesis c) level is decreased in starvation d) mol wt
18. False of vasopressin receptor is?
a) V1- endothelial smooth muscles b) V2- distal nephron c) V3- anterior pituitary d) V4- CNS

19. The vit.K dependent clotting factor?
a) 7 b) 3 c) 11 d) 12
20. ABO incompatibility blood picture shows
a) fragmented RBCs b) microspherocytes c) polychromasia d)
21. Not absorbed from the PCT
a)Na+ b)Phosphate c)HCO3- d)H+
22. Reason for CO2 diffusion rapidly through alveoli
a) less dense b) more soluble c) less molecular weight d) less pCO2 in the alveoli

23. Why is intrapleural pressure negative?
a) alveolar pressure negative b) surfactant is equally distributed c) lymphatic drainage d) upper airway ring cartilage
24. Caisson disease due to?
a) Fat embolism b) Gas embolism c)? d)?
25. Patient with prolonged aPTT and PT, defect is in?
a) intrinsic pathway b) extrinsic pathway c) commmon pathway d) platelet defect

26. Lactic acidosis caused by vitamin def
a) thiamine b) riboflavin c) niacin d) pantothenic acid
27. MOA of EDTA in carbonic anhydrase enzyme inactivation a) it chelates the metal ion of the enz b) it combines with the substrate and forms a suicide inhibitor
c) combines with the substrate and doesn’t react with the enzyme d)
28. Which of the following binds to acetyl CoA and condenses OAA a) arsenic b) fluoroacetate c) malonate d) fumararte

29. Which prevents ADP from leaving the mitochondria in exchange for ATP?
a) oligomycin b) rotenone c) antimycin a d) ?
30. Duchhene muscular dystrophy gene has a promoter site mutation, subsequent problem is?
a) initiation of protein is defective b) capping of protein is defective
c) tailing is defective d) premature termination
31. Restriction endonuclease is introduced into a bacteria, what happens to him/ her?
a) multiply faster b) proof reading improved c) lyses host cell more effeciently
d) bacteria is lysed because it lacks the methylase

32. Not used to introduce genome into the bacteria
a) Bacteriophage b) micropore c) FISH d) electrophoresis
33. The problem of cytology study in solid tumours especially in CA Cx is
a) increased mitotic rate b) inadequate sample c) bacterial contamination of the specimen d) increased metaphase arrest
34. Phenylketonuria,wat is treatmen tof hoie
a) limiting the substrate for defiecent enzyme b) givin the missing amino aids by diet
c) d)
35. Spanish windlass is practiced in spain as a method of execution,it is a type of-
a) bansdola b) garroting c) hanging d) mugging

36. Aluminium phosphide poisoning, all except arethe features?
a) esophageal stricture b) cyt. A oxidase inhibitor c) phosgene gas is produced d) sub endocardial hmge

37. Windmark test is used in
a) time of death b) amount of alcohol content c)?
38. Rickshaw run over a child, there is a mark of the tyre tracks, it is an
a) patterned bruise b) c) d) imprint abrasion
39. Boy is having diarrhoea, rhinorrhea, sweating, what is the most probable diagnosis?
a) cocaine withdrawal b) heroin withdrawal c) marijuana withdrawal d) LSD withdrawal
40. Patient is having bronchodilatation, increased temperature, constipation, tachycardia, diagnosis?
a) mushroom b) atropine poisoning c)? d)?

41. One of the following disorders is due to maternal disomy of chromosome 15
a) Prader Willi b) Angelman syndrome c) Hydatidiform mole d) Klinefelter’s
42. Cause of nephrocalcinosis in CGD?
a) Increased absorption b) increased conversion to 1,25 OH c) dystrophic calcification d)Mutation in calcium sensing receptor
43. Anti LKM AB false is
a) anti LKM1- chronic HepB b) anti LKM2- drug induced hepatitis
c) anti LKM2- chronic hepatitis d) anti LKM1- autoimmune hepatitis
44. histopathology showing onion bulb appearance in a nerve biopsy is in
a) CIDP b) leprosy c) amyloidosis d) diabetes
45. the histopath of wegener’s granulomatosis?
a) focal necrotizing glomerulonephritis b)fibrinoid necrosis caused by necrotizing vasculitis
c)? d)?
46. false regarding immunological disease
a) cgediak hegashi is a problem in phagolysosome b) brutons is not a problem in opsonisation
c) NADPH oxidase generates Ocl- ions d)?
47. Oligodendrocyte inclusion body?
a) polio b) JE c) PML d) tau protein
48. Not a mediator of inflammation
a) INF b) MPO c) TNF d) PG
49. Pale infarct not in?
a) kidney b) spleen c) heart d) lung
50. perineural invasion is seen in a)adenoid cystic b)? c)? d)?

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