Msw Online Accredited

Hello all, it’s been a long time. Life has been crazy for me, but I am focusing on the next academic chapter of my goals. I am looking into online accredited MSW degree programs. I’m familiar with Florida State University (which only allows students to do a distance degree they offer when you live within the state – absurd). I’ve not found any other programs, and I’m not sure where to look. Any help would be appreciated. We appreciate your interest in Texas State’s Online MSW Program and encourage you to apply for our next cohorts.
I am a graduate of FSU’s online MSW program. You do have to have a BSW for that college as you are given advanced standing for your MSW. The online MSW Program is guided by the same standards as the on-campus and off-campus MSW programs. This program is fully accredited by CSWE. The degree earned is an MSW from Florida State University.

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